We are excited to announce the big changes coming to the club next year!  

We will be undergoing a remodel to all three floors starting January 2020 to give the Club a modern, fresh look while also addressing any minor repairs. As many of you are aware our last update began over 10 years ago, and our age is beginning to show. Even more exciting are the updates we’re making to transform the space in a way that will help meet the needs and feedback we’ve received from you.  

Our goal is to enhance your experience at the Club and encourage you to use your membership by strengthening our assets and providing additional benefits.  

The Club will remain open during the remodel. We will begin construction to the 30th and 31st floors in January 2020. Upon completion of the 30th and 31st floors in May of 2020, we will begin a 90-day remodel to the penthouse on the 32nd floor. Our projected finish date will be Fall 2020.

What you can expect:        

- An elevated dining experience on the 32nd floor where you can feel confident in having an elegant and formal dining experience expected in a club of this caliber. 


- A reinvented 31st floor, converting it into a relaxing space with a more casual dining experience that will include a coffee bar where you can work remotely, host an informal meeting or just relax with breathtaking views throughout the day.

- A modernized and redesigned Ballroom on the 30th floor more capable of hosting larger events.