Membership Information

Welcome to the Summit.
Since the grand oak doors opened in 1967, the Summit has been Tulsa's paramount private dining and social club. International cuisine with an American flair, stylish comfort, and attentive service are the hallmarks of the Summit, one of Tulsa's most distinctive experiences.

Located on the 30th, 31st, and 32nd floors of the Bank of America Center, the Summit offers spectacular, panoramic views of our great city.
As a member, you can enjoy both formal and informal dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout our fifteen rooms. And in every room, on every floor, and at every event, you will become accustomed to the warmest, most personal attention you'll find anywhere.

The Summit is Tulsa: a superior place without an air of superiority.

The Privileges of Membership
Membership in the club provides an opportunity for members to expand both social and business relationships. For everything from family birthday dinners to weddings to special company gatherings, members may reserve any of the club's private rooms. Membership privileges Include:

A Director of Catering to work with you to detail plan all aspects of your private event at the Club, no matter how big or small.
Lunch and dinner dining options in a choice of casual or formal atmosphere.
Superb and innovative cuisine, all made from the finest and freshest ingredients.
Daily specials in the Penthouse Main Dining Room and The Grill.
Twelve private function rooms for members' use.
Complete catering services for off-site meetings, dinners, and receptions.
Complimentary, first class audiovisual equipment available to meet any of your business needs.
Traditional annual holiday events for members.
Reciprocal club membership at more than 200 private clubs around the world.
Monthly newsletter, weekly e-mail updates, and regularly updated website and Facebook information.
Complimentary parking during designated hours.
Classifications and Dues

The Summit Club is a non-profit, private dining and social establishment. Due to our non-profit private club status, we do not have corporate memberships. Memberships are issued to an individual's name and extend full benefits of membership to spouse and children under the age of 25 who are living at home. Dependents only, can use and sign the member's number and name of tickets. Membership is transferable to a colleague or family member without additional fees. There are no monthly minimums

Proprietary Membership
For person who have attained the age of 38. Proprietary members are stockholders of the Summit and have voting rights.

Upon Membership - (One time Fees)

Membership Fee
Stock Fee
Sales Tax  
$   100.00
$   170.34

Monthly Fees
Monthly Dues
Sales Tax

$  6.94

Junior Membership

For members age 37 and under. Junior members are not stockholders

Upon Membership - (One time Fees)
Membership Fee
Sales Tax
$  750.00*
$    63.88
$  813.88

Monthly Fees
Monthly Dues
Sales Tax

$ 46.92
$   3.99
$ 50.91

* At the age of 38, junior memberships will automatically convert to proprietary memberships and the additional membership fee and stock fee will be assessed

Non-Resident Membership
Persons living and working 50 miles or more for the club.

Upon Membership - (One time Fees)

Membership Fee
Sales Tax
$ 500.00*
$   42.59
$ 542.59

Annual Fees
Annual Dues
Sales Tax
$  400.00
$    34.07
$  434.07

Oklahoma State Tax of 8.51% applies to all fees and dues

Membership Process
All candidates for membership to the Summit must complete an application along with the proposal signature of two current members of the club. All applications are subject to the approval by the membership committee and the Board of Governors. For all membership inquires, please contact:

Susan Devonshire
Membership Director
918-382-0460 - Direct
918-582-5243 - Club